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Inspiration is Contagious

Over the years, my connection to the quality of work I produce on stage has grown tremendously. Whether I am performing or in the booth, I've come to realize my artist capacity. Known best for wearing multiple hats, the process from page to stage is truly my home.

Stage Crafts: Services

Poet & Playwright

Since 2010, I have been an active member youth literacy non-profit, Urban Word NYC. I began as a high school intern and started taking workshops that crafted my voice. My first poetry tour was in 2012, where 6 poets from NY were welcomed into Paris, France. I've also performed at the Apollo, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and Off-Broadway at New York Live Arts. In 2014, I was part of a 6-women ensemble of #Flawedless, where I debuted my first one woman show That's Love, Right? 

As an alumni, my role within the community shifted to empower the next generation. During my final semester of undergrad, I wrote and self-published my first chapbook, The Comfort House, to track my life pre Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I was in need of healing, and moved by how this topic lacked creative expression, so I created some.


Actress & Performer

Growing up as part of the youth poetry scene gave me access to plenty of stages. I was performing my poetry all around NYC, and discovering my power with words. Acting was something I enjoyed doing but felt overwhelmed by the amounts of talented competition. I wanted to demonstrate who I was beyond a script, or my body size.

I took everything I learned from slamming (performance poetry) and combined it with the acting training I received during undergrad. During my final semester, I made it my mission to be apart of one mainstage production. I scaffolded my healing to the best of my ability and was cast in the 2016 production of Almost Maine by John Cariani. I was honored to act and join such a strong ensemble.


Stage Management

Throughout college, I came to find my most comforting role was to work behind the scenes. Stage management allowed my organization and communication skills to flourish. During undergrad, I adorned my passion for production bibles and calling the show, confident that both the process and product were in good hands. 

After performing in Urban Word's Journal to Journey program, they invited me back the following 2 years as Assistant Writing Mentor and Stage Manager. This new role gave me the ability to explore the functionality of design, while still be rooted in work that transforms lives. The cast of How Bodies Reclaim Light were proof that truth and vulnerability are not a weakness.


Light & Sound Design

There is no better feeling than walking into a empty theater and looking up at the grid. As a stage manager, I am awarded with the best seat in the house. This seat single-handedly broke open my designers eye. I am enamored by how emotions, mood, and setting can so seamlessly be illustrated by the use of light. When it comes to sound, I have the privilege of narrating every sound the audience hears. This craft challenges me to think outside the box and never cease the imagination.

In 2018, I was commissioned to light design for Classical Theatre Remix's TYA adaptation of, The Odyssey. This play was part of the FringeJr NYC Festival, presented by HB Studios, Bank Street Theater. In 2019, I was the Light Designer for Will, a new play by Dana Brooke. (Pictures on home page)

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